"Why The Latest Fad For The Law Of Attraction Is Almost Certainly HARMING Your Chances Of Success!"

Listen In As I Reveal Its Fundamental Flaw In "The Law Of Attraction For Non-Believers"...

You may have heard about the movie "The Secret" - well, I'm going to share with you a different slant on the Law of Attraction.

Everyone is going on about how important it is to use your thoughts to create your own reality - but they are missing one crucial element, without which, no amount of positive thinking will help you.

I don't know about you - but I'm not religious, nor do I have the patience to meditate. I come from a very 'black and white' family who laugh at me just because I even TALK about motivation - let alone some of the more advanced 'mind stuff'.

So - I've HAD to develop a framework for attracting more into my life WITHOUT some of the more 'new age' stuff. (Don't get me wrong - there IS a place for stuff like that if you suits you, and you benefit from it - but, at the moment at least, it's just not me!).

So...I've developed what I call "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" - a step-by-step way of fitting the Law of Attraction into YOUR life, even if you are not particularly spiritual.

Now...I am not going to show you pictures of cars or houses I have 'materialized' - I'm sure that you wouldn't have believed me anyway! But...what I CAN offer you is something that is designed to fit within WHO YOU ARE.

Over the last six months, I have investigated practically everything there is to know about the Law of Attraction - from movies like "The Secret", and "What The Bleep" - to books that cover both the spiritual side AND the scientific PROOF of what works from Quantum Physics to Zero Point Field Theory.

Plus...I have both first-hand experience of how I created certain situations in my life, and have spent considerable time speaking with, and looking at, successful and wealthy people (millionaires amongst them),and how they use their minds in addition to their knowledge.

It seems that there are very few experts that 'cross over'. The spiritual Law of Attractioneers look solely at the spiritual side, and the scientists look purely at their experiments and results. And, the millionaires are too busy just doing what works for them to even think about it!

That's why there is a gaping hole for those people (like me and perhaps you?) who wouldn't class themselves as particularly religious or spiritual. In fact, there is a missing piece of the 'puzzle' that is rarely mentioned where the Law of Attraction is concerned.

Probably because it doesn't 'fit' either the spiritual aspect of the Law of Attraction nor the scientific side. Yet...those people with the "Millionaire Mindset" do it ALL of the time, without even thinking about it!

In fact - I would go as far as to say that, if you are not particularly spiritual, and don't 'believe' that the Universe will go and attract good stuff into your life - then you WILL be guaranteed to FAIL without this crucial step!

No small claim, I am sure that you'll agree - but I, like the millionaires I have talked to, don't believe in half-measures where success is concerned.

You'll certainly be surprised to discover what this step is. In fact you probably know it already - but, because you may not realize how important it is in regards to the Law of Attraction, you will immediately increase your chances of success by applying it.

But, before you decide to join me, I want you to make sure that I am the right person to help you. As I mentioned before, I'm only interested in helping people who want to help themselves as I value my time and effort highly.

So...please consider the following, and, after you have read it, you will be in a better position to understand whether I can deliver something of value to you...

1. What Will This Recording Do For YOU?

During this 90-minute recording of "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" teleseminar I will share with you:

  • The one thing you need to do in order to even stand a chance of the Law of Attraction to begin working for you (hint: it has nothing to do with thinking about what you want!).
  • How you can STILL become successful without consciously implementing the Law of Attraction (hint: millionaires who have never heard of the Law of Attraction do it all the time!)
  • The three immediate steps you can take to put yourself in the right position to attract more abundance into your life.
  • The two tools you need in order to speed up the attraction of whatever you need into your life. (hint: they will cost you a few dollars or less)
  • Why focusing your thoughts on what you want may actually do you more harm than good.
  • What thing is more important than what you think and do, and why it is so crucial to your chances of success.
  • Why falling in love with the 'process' of the Law of Attraction could get in the way of you achieving your desires.
  • The coin test that will tell you immediately whether a decision is right for you or not. (hint: it's so 'non-new-age' that even my wife uses it to help her make decisions!)

2. What's So Different About This "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" That You Haven't Heard Before?

Although I always say that there is nothing new where success is concerned, I can guarantee that I will share some things with you in this teleseminar that other people have never mentioned in relation to the Law of Attraction before!

Let's face it - it's easy to jump on a bandwagon when Oprah is already pushing "The Secret". You wouldn't believe how many 'overnight experts' I have seen come out of the woodwork just because the Law of Attraction has become trendy.

What these 'False Gurus' fail to understand is that there is NO SUCH THING as 'one size fits all' - even where the Law of Attraction is concerned! I've got a reputation of telling it like it is whether it loses me clients or not.

I firmly believe that if you blindy follow the current thinking about the Law of Attraction - you are almost certainly destined for failure.

If you are even a little bit cynical about whether there is a spiritual side that works away in the background on your behalf - then you won't have a hope in hell of getting the most popular methods of the Law of Attraction to work for you.

On this teleseminar, I will share with you the methods I have tested and found to work from a 'non-believers' perspective. That's why I called it "The Law of Attraction For Cynical Non-Believers"!

3. Why Should You Believe What I Say?

I've been online for over seven years, and in that time I have written over 800 articles and blog posts on leading a more successful life for my "Our Success Partnership" ezine which has 18,500 subscribers. I have also created a number of products including:

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So - I think that you could say that I know a little bit about both creating and maintaining a successful mindset, as well as making money!

There are many 'False Gurus' out there who don't care whether you succeed or not, they're only after one thing from you - your money!

I'm different. Sure, it's still nice to have your money...BUT I'm in this for the long haul. I've been online for over five years now...sharing what I know works where your success is concerned, and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than getting messages like these...

"If people really follow your ideas I think success is a definite must..."

"Your e-zines are really great. They have a lot of great advice and if people really follow your ideas I think success is a definite must."
- Errol Thompson, St.Catherine, Jamaica

"I get something that I can take with me and apply..."

"Hey Gary!
I have to be honest with you. I don't read your ezine every day. But here's what's awesome - every day that I do read your newsletter, I get something that I can take with me and apply in my business and personal life., because it's just straightforward.

It's like you act as a filter and bring out the best drops from the sea of information available. You share what's in your heart and on your mind in a way that is clear and concise, and through this, I have been reminded, on several occasions, that I need to get my butt in gear and really serve people to the best of my ability."
- Jonathan Kraft, Parker, USA

(These are just 2 of the 36 letters of proof of how I have helped people just like you from around the world. Click here to read the others...)

I want to share as much as I know with YOU, as I KNOW that you too can accomplish whatever you want from your life - if you do a few fundamental things in the right way.

One thing I forget to mention about myself was that, before I went online in December 2001 - I had ZERO experience in ANYTHING that I have since become hugely successful in. I was thirty-two years old before I managed to attract the right path for me (although at the time I just created by default as I didn't understand what I know now about attracting success).

Whatever YOUR current situation - you can ALWAYS find a way out if you want it badly enough. (Although wanting something badly can also get in the way of attracting what you want - and I'll explain why on the teleseminar).

If you have read this far, then I have shown you three important things about this "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" teleseminar - how it will benefit you, why it is so different to all that 'me-too' stuff out there, and why I am more than qualified to share my expertise with you.

It is at this point that I could blind you with marketing speak and say that, as I charge my clients $200 for 45-minute coaching sessions - I should charge at least $400 for this 90-minute teleseminar.

Or that, as I charged my Internet Marketing clients $10,000 for a total of 28 hours of my time ($357 per hour) - I should charge $535.

As you will find out, I'm not like that. I KNOW that I will attract the right people onto this call whatever I chose the level of investment to be, because I also know that I will deliver more value than whatever the cost of this teleseminar is.

Anyway...what price would YOU put on 90 minutes that could completely change your life in the future?

As I said earlier, I'm not in this to see how much money I can charge - I'll leave that to the bandwagon-jumpers out there whose only experience is from what they've read in books.

So, I'm going to make this a non-decision for you one that would EASILY pass the 'coin test' that I will share with you on the "The Law of Attraction For Cynical Non-Believers" teleseminar!

The price of the recording of this groundbreaking teleseminar is just $42. To be honest, because of all of the hype about the Law of Attraction and "The Secret" recently - I could have charged a lot more if I had hyped up this salesletter to the level of some I have seen recently.

However, I truly believe that what I share with you in the recording is a unique look at this process, one which has been seriously overlooked by the both the 'spiritual' and 'action-only' experts. So - in order to give YOU the best chance of success posiible, as a limited trial, I will take a huge 36% off of the original selling price - and YOU will only need to invest just $27 to find out how this recording will change the way you look at life, forever!

Bonus #1
You will also receive a fully edited 35-page transcript of the entire teleseminar recording. This isn't just some word-for-word transcript which doesn't read well - I have personally edited it myself to make sure that it is clear and fully understandable.
Bonus #2

When I first recorded "The Law of Attraction for Non-Believers" - I never made my notes fully available. In fact, on the recording, you'll hear how you would have had to jump through a few hoops just to get them!

Well...as I thought that they were an excellent 'cheat sheet' to what I cover with you on the recording, I figured that you might as well have them so that you can really get going as quickly as possible!
Bonus #3 - Worth $47

Based on my ongoing investigation in the validity of The Law of Attraction, I have recorded this 37-minute video, in which I explain the key to making manifestation work, and the simple steps you need to take in order to start manifesting more of what you want in your life.

This video is currently unavailable anywhere else, and I could easily charge $47 for it alone - as I share with you some of the over-looked side-effects of trying to make The Law of Attraction work for YOU.

The decision is now yours, and I know that you will make the right one for your future. I look forward to helping you achieve the life you truly deserve for yourself.

In fact, I believe so strongly that this recording will REALLY make a difference to YOU, that I want you to take 30 days on me to listen, read, and apply what I share with you...

My Risk-Free, No-Questions-Asked
8 Week 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Listen to the recording. Read the transcript. Go through the notes. Watch the bonus Manfestation video. Take a full EIGHT weeks (56 days) to try out some of what I share with you in this eye-opening recording.

If, after that time, you don't feel that you received a lot more value than the $27 you invested, feel free to email me, and I'll give you FULL 100% refund - no questions asked. I can't make it any more RISK-FREE for you than this!


Most millionaires have never even HEARD of the Law Of Attraction, and most aren't the slightest bit religious or spiritual. Most don't meditate, nor actively spend time thinking solely about attracting more into their lives. Yet, they are STILL hugely wealthy and successful.

On this "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" teleseminar recording, I show you WHY, and how they use this Law (albeit without realizing it) to become as successful they are, and how YOU can use it too!

Now it's YOUR turn...

To Our Success!

Gary Vurnum

P.S. Don't Forget...
The Law of Attraction DOES work...but, in its most popular current interpretation, it almost certainly WON'T work for you unless you are a passionate believer in 'the Universe', 'mind stuff', 'the ether', 'substance', or God.

Even then, it can be a struggle if you are missing one crucial aspect of this Law that ALL millionaires use, but most Law of Attraction teachers fail to mention. On "The Law of Attraction For Non-Believers" teleseminar recording I will share how you CAN leverage the Law of Attraction without even believing in ANY of the more spiritual stuff! Just click here to find out how...

Any questions or comments, please email me : gary @ sofsuccess.com